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The environment that children are exposed to early in life, plays a crucial role in shaping their abilities, behavior and talents. To a great extent, this is what drives large and remarkably persistent gaps in the education achievement between individuals in the same country, but in different socioeconomic environments. Cunha et al. provide a detailed account of the theory and evidence behind this claim, and discuss its implications for the design of education policies. Other programs have similarly shown evidence of very large and persistent returns to early education interventions. will not result in all schools having equal economic and educational resources. Historical underfunding of education has left many Coloured and black African schools with a significant proportion of underqualified teachers, particularly in rural areas.

In addition, at least four governors have devoted some of CARES Act discretionary funds to tax-credit scholarships for private schools, and other allow private schools to compete for grants. Ananalysisby the Association of School Business Officials International and the Superintendents Association suggests that a typical school district could spend nearly $2 million to reopen schools, given increased need for cleaning and transportation costs. The U.S. Education Department has released estimatesof how much money each state should receive, ranging from $32 million in stabilization funding for K-12 education in Wyoming to $1.6 billion in California.

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Here are our top tips to create better online courses for your students. Interested in bringing the most innovative distance learning resources to your students? Let’s dive into what each of these types of distance learning entails. A tool like TechSmith Camtasia will you save steps and help create better content for online courses. There’s always a need for virtual, live interaction, but asynchronous communication complements that to extend live sessions beyond a singular class. Some online programs are considerably more expensive, particularly those in postgraduate business education.


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